Our way of doing business: 

Commercial Building Process

Our way of doing business: Why choose Gallagher Construction for your commercial project?

  • We take ownership — We take pride in all our work. Once we are awarded your project, it is our project. We want to showcase your vision as our work.
  • We drive the process — We are not “paper-pushers.” We are on-site to ensure that work and information keep moving. We don’t let questions, requests or changes get kicked back and forth between parties or “rubber-stamped” without real investigation.
  • We are not a “big machine” — The Gallagher people you meet to first discuss your project are actually the people who will be on-site, managing your project. We listen to our clients and then work to make your project vision a reality.
  • We live by teamwork, collaboration and respect — It’s how we treat our clients, the architects, subcontractors, tradesmen and everyone involved in your project. We work with each team member to ensure a quality project built to exact specifications.
  • We really know cost-management and accounting — Gallagher recognizes the value and importance of good fiscal stewardship. We continually review and update job costs, conveying budget status and feedback to our clients throughout the entire process.
  • We treat subcontractors and tradesmen right — They are not adversaries; they are part of the team. We strive for the most efficient and effective scheduling of their time, so work is not piecemeal. We build relationships based upon working and communicating together, for a project that stays on track and on budget.
  • We can anticipate where problems might arise — With the experience we acquired, we have the knowledge and capability to anticipate any challenges a project may face. We can resolve problems on-site and ensure that each part of a project is done the way it was requested.
  • We stand behind our work — We often go above and beyond the standard warranty. Our clients know we are there for them.